"Christmas is Really About..." 12-4-16 AM

"Back to the Truth" 11-27-16 PM Serivce

"Prayer That Works" 11-27-16 AM

"Condemnation of the Wicked Riches"


"The Practical Atheist" PM service

Jonathan Aldod, Guest Speaker AM Service

"Criticizers and Judges"

"The Lord's Supper Proclaiming the Cross"

"My Times Are in Thy Hands"

"The Cure for Worldliness" Part 2

"The Cure for Worldliness" Part 1

"The Worldly Christian"

"Conformity or Christ"

"Godly Wisdom"

"Worldly Wisdom"

"Watch What You're Saying"

"The Mighty, Mighty Tongue"

"Faith and Works", Part 2

"Faith and Works"