"Revitalizing: Bringing It All Together"

"Draw Near to God"

"Fasting - Chapters 5 & 6"

:Our Gift of Salvation"

"Revitalizing: The Look Outward"

"Fasting - Chapters 3 & 4"

"Revitalizing: The Look Inward"

Fasting- Chapters 1 & 2

"The DNA of a Vibrant Church"

"The Christian's New Year's Resolution"

"The Joy of Christmas"

"Christmas is Really About..." 12-4-16 AM

"Back to the Truth" 11-27-16 PM Serivce

"Prayer That Works" 11-27-16 AM

"Condemnation of the Wicked Riches"


"The Practical Atheist" PM service

Jonathan Aldod, Guest Speaker AM Service

"Criticizers and Judges"

"The Lord's Supper Proclaiming the Cross"