"The Lord's Supper" - May 2016

"Navigating in Our Anti-Christian Culture"

"Well Done, Good and Faithful Deacon"

"The Influence of a Mother"

"Mother's Influence"

"A Mother's Influence"

"What to Consider in a Deacon"

"I Will Make a Difference"

"God's Word and Me" part 3

"God's Word and Me" part 2

"God's Word and Me" part 2

"I Will Avoid the Traps of Churchianity"

"God's Word and You"

"God's Word and Me"

"I WIll Not Be a Church Dropout"

"Trials and Temptation"

"I Will Give Generously"

"God's Suffering Servant"

"I Will Go"

"I Will Serve"