"A Wise Father"

"The Power of Faith"

"A Word for the Future"

"The First Preaching of the Gospel"

"Deacons on Fire"

"Legacy: A Mother's Greatest Contribution"

"The Holy Spirit Given", part 2

"A Sacrifice to Proclaim"

"The Holy Spirit Given"

"The Building Blocks of the Church" Part 2

"Building Blocks for the Church" Part 1

"The Resurrection for Today's Church"

"Two Roads- A Journey of Live or Death"

The Power of the Gospel

"The Perception of the Gospel"

"Discipleship: A Call to Obedience"

2-25-18 PM Service- Dr. David Cashin, 7 Essential Questions of Life

2-25-18 AM Service- Dr. David Cashin, The Mission of God

Discipleship: A Call to Sacrifice

"Essentials for Being a Successful Soul-Winner"